Canada’s Health Research Funding and Sensitive Technology Research Security


Canadian Health Research Stakeholders Advocate for Increased Investments, Government Safeguards Sensitive Technology Research

Canada’s health research community convened before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (HESA) to discuss the mandate letter commitments, with a primary focus on the Committee’s pre-budget 2024 consultation. This meeting served as a platform for health research stakeholders to stress their support for increasing investments in federal research granting agencies’ base budgets, as suggested by the Advisory Panel’s report.

Increasing Funding for Health and Safety Initiatives

Stakeholders underlined the significance of funding in bolstering various health and safety initiatives. These initiatives span across several crucial areas, including dementia, emergency preparedness, mental health research, modernization of the federal research ecosystem, substance use, and women’s health. Such funding is vital for the federal research agencies to push forward their mandates and contribute significantly to Canadians’ health and wellbeing.

Securing Sensitive Technology Research

Alongside this, the Canadian government is also taking steps to fortify its research, especially in sensitive technology research areas. The objective is to shield national security. To this end, the government is launching a new Policy on Sensitive Technology Research and Affiliations of Concern, along with Canada’s new Research Security Centre. The policy is slated to be effective from Spring 2024. It will allow the government to consider research affiliations immediately as part of research funding decision-making processes.

Protecting Canadian Research and Intellectual Property

Canada is committed to defending its research and intellectual property against foreign interference, espionage, and theft. The National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships, introduced in July 2021, have been instrumental in integrating national security considerations into the development, evaluation, and funding of research partnerships. The government’s enhanced research security posture aims to strengthen further Canada’s research security while backing an open and collaborative research enterprise.

Fostering Indigenous Equity Ownership

Finally, the federal government’s commitment to establishing a loan guarantee program to foster Indigenous equity ownership in major natural resource sector projects was also highlighted. The article underscores the importance of well-designed and well-managed guarantee programs, addressing financing gaps in the overall Indigenous economy in Canada. Indigenous leaders’ engagement in setting strategic priorities of the guarantee program and in the selection of projects and related private sector financing partners is crucial.


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