Froothie Australia’s 2400 Watt 3.5 HP Optimum Smart Blenders by HILKNIGHTLY INDIA in 2023


NEW DELHI, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — World’s most powerful blending food processor technology for juice-bars and coffee shops take on existing brands such as Vitamix, Hamilton Beach, Waring in India.

HILKNIGHTLY INDIA launched the 2023 range Optimum brand of Australia, known for smart design and advanced technology.

Optimum Blenders, a rage in Australia, took the market in the 2000s by a storm overtaking existing makes in each market. Optimum smoothie and juice blenders range are known for its muscle power and smart blending cycles that are easy and simple, focused on food and beverage processing in seconds. Resultant is increased sales at coffee shops, smoothie, and juice-bars. HILKNIGHTLY INDIA in association with Froothie Australia has launched four variants for the Indian market to cater to all price points without compromising on power and technology.

Notably, the Indian blending market is divided into three categories.

  1. The lower price segment has brands that offer power between 600 to 900 watts and costs between INR 20,000 to INR 45,000. They need manual attendance.
  2. Middle segment brands offer 800 to 1500 watts and cost between INR 50,000 to INR 85,000. They have a timer cycle only.
  3. Top segment brands that offer 1200 to 1800 watts and cost between INR 85,000 to INR 1,25,000. They have touch controls and preset cycles with variable speeds.

Optimum smoothie and kitchen blenders forward an aggressive competition offering increased value versus traditional market blenders, for coffee shop operators interested in breaking the ceiling.

Optimum blenders let the QSR own high power and walk-away operations from its startup blender model 9200A Gen 2 machine, starting at just INR 45000 (including GST), a semi-automatic. The automatic touch control with digital display starts at just INR 55000 to 75000. A sound enclosed version, 9400X for high profile stores requiring noiseless environment comes for INR 89000 to 93000. Regardless of any version, the customer receives 2400 Watt 3.5HP motor with Japanese steel 6-blade jar.

The high-speed blenders carry the best blender customer reviews in the market today. Other than great products, Froothie Australia is dedicated to making each customer experience the best, which is followed by HILKNIGHTLY INDIA.

Optimum Blenders Market in India

With its immediate launch, Optimum 9400X blenders have been inducted by Hard Rock Cafes, American Embassy, Sofitel Hotels, Taj Hotels.

For the residential customer desiring a gourmet restaurant quality food preparation, and where the family must regularly receive fresh and natural fruit and green smoothies, Optimum G2.6 Platinum is available. The G2.6 Platinum is a beautifully made stylish machine that lifts the counterspace appeal. Therefore, it is the perfect countertop machine for fashionable cafes and designer kitchens.

HILKNIGHTLY INDIA is focused on bringing only specialty products to its market. There was nothing like Optimum blenders in India. Either the machines were highly industrial in design, noisy and very expensive, while residential models were of low power, or with many add on needed; those increased costs as well as maintenance. Some imported brands available require many jars for different recipes. Optimum blenders were simple enough to allow blending multipurpose in a single jar.

Optimum Blenders focus to Elevate the Blending Market

The high-performance blender food-processor market has been expanding rapidly in India. There are two segments, one, of low-cost Chinese origin brands with low power (till 900 watts) with manual operation, and the other of high-cost advanced operation imported blenders from Europe and the USA (900, 1200, 1800 watts) that are priced high. Optimum Blenders aim to elevate the business of budget market by offering superior technology at affordable rates, and help the premium market reduce their cost burden without losing the premium design and technology they need.

Optimum Blenders Availability

Optimum blenders are imported in India and available nationally through many kitchens-equipment dealers on-demand. Anyone desiring any model of Optimum blender (for coffee shop, smoothie and juice-bar, or food processing kitchens) can ask their local dealer to order their machines.

HILKNIGHTLY INDIA has launched a special website as well called that lists and sells optimum blenders in India directly to your door.

Those looking for power over 2000 watts with smart design, and smart technology find Optimum range a fitting product for their needs.

The need of advanced, high-power food and beverage blending.

Gourmet quality food requires speedier blending whether it is cooked food, dips and batters, smoothies or green juices. Foods affect our family’s health directly. It is widely published, that food processing at low speed (low power blenders) increases blending time. This oxidizes the ingredients and nutrient values are diminished. The product whether a fruit smoothie or ice blended latte is runny instead of creamy. Either ice crystals remain, or ice turns into water, dulling flavours. High speed blending backed up smart cycle and higher power blends in seconds that takes minutes which stops high oxidation. It retains only smoothie and juice nutrition, but also inherent flavours and natural colors. Therefore, the best blenders for smoothies and kitchens need to be quicker in blending the product. Optimum Blenders in the current market blend any recipe faster than competitive makes, thanks to power of 3.5HP and 2100 to 2400 Watts with smart one touch and walkaway cycles.

How do Optimum Blenders fare with makes used currently as Vitamix or Hamilton beach in India. What customers love.

Froothie Australia has printed the comparative chart for each blender versus its alternate, available at From the customer’s point of view, they dislike noise and vibration, excessive cost of ownership and maintenance, and difficulty of using the product. Optimum has succeeded quicker because it checks off the three problems. Unlike its competition, the sound of the Optimum Smoothie Blender is not sharp, it is muffled, (regular) neither its jar vibrates on floor. Cost of ownership is reduced with a five to seven year warranty, the ability to blend wet and dry as well as different recipes in one multipurpose jar. The competing makes need to add multiple jars for multiple recipes, each costing over fifteen thousand to twenty thousand rupees. In cost of ownership, the ability to change worn blades (in years) is available instead of competitions must buy new jar option. The damage of jar leakage in sealed blades is removed which is not covered under warranty by most makes, since Optimum blender jars have replaceable blade drive. The ease of using product is thought of in every machine. All buttons are simple push or touch covering every recipe. Finally, the cost of each Optimum blender in the premium category is positioned lesser, than the competition by fifteen percent due to smart manufacturing, while offering customers a higher quality of material and product.

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