iMessage for Android: How Nothing’s Chats App Works?

Exploring Nothing Chats: iMessage on Android

Exploring Nothing Chats: iMessage on Android


  • Nothing Chats offers iMessage access to Android users but requires Apple ID credentials, raising security concerns.
  • The app uses a complex workaround via Sunbird’s infrastructure, differing from the native iMessage experience.
  • Users face identity confusion as the app displays their email address instead of a phone number on iMessage.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Nothing has taken a bold step with the introduction of ‘Nothing Chats’ – an app that allows Android users, specifically those with the new Phone (2), to access Apple’s exclusive iMessage service. This initiative, while innovative, raises questions about security and privacy, especially concerning the sharing of Apple ID credentials.

How Does Nothing Chats Work?

The app functions by creating a bridge between the Android and iOS platforms. To use iMessage, Android users need to sign in with an Apple ID. This sign-in process is crucial as it’s the key to accessing iMessage. However, this step is where the first red flag is raised – entering your Apple ID on a third-party app.

The Apple ID Conundrum

When you enter your Apple ID into Nothing Chats, you’re not just giving access to your messages. Your Apple ID is often linked to other Apple services like iCloud, App Store purchases, and more. Although Nothing promises that the app, along with its partner Sunbird, won’t store your Apple ID or message data, the mere act of entering these credentials on a non-Apple platform poses a risk. This process is not the same as ‘Sign in with Apple’, which is a more secure method Apple uses for logging into third-party services.

Technical Workaround and Limitations

Nothing Chats is not a direct portal to iMessage but rather a workaround. It uses Sunbird’s infrastructure, which involves setting up a connection through a remote Mac Mini computer. This setup might sound complex, and it is. It’s not the straightforward iMessage experience you get on an iPhone or a Mac.

The Email Address Issue

Another hiccup with Nothing Chats is how it handles your identity. Instead of showing your phone number, which is standard on iMessage, it uses the email attached to your Apple ID. This could lead to confusion among your contacts unless they save your email address in their contacts list.

Security Risks: A Critical Perspective

The biggest concern with Nothing Chats is the security aspect of sharing Apple ID credentials. While the app claims to tokenize and destroy these details post-setup, the initial sharing of such sensitive information can’t be overlooked. There’s always a risk when third-party apps handle login details for services like Apple’s, known for their stringent security measures.

Alternatives and Their Drawbacks

Nothing Chats isn’t alone in trying to bridge this gap. Other services like Beeper and AirMessage have attempted similar feats. However, these solutions also come with their own set of security trade-offs and complexities.

Nothing Chats appears to be a significant step towards unifying Android and Apple users. However, the security implications of sharing Apple ID credentials cannot be ignored. Users must weigh the convenience of accessing iMessage against the potential risks involved. As with any technology that handles sensitive personal information, caution is advised.


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