Powerfleet launches a new app to support EV adoption


Technology news and briefs for the week of July 2, 2023: 

Technology Shorts

WARP launches $1/pallet fee program

WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, has launched its “Delivery Optimization Experience” (DOX) program for LTL shippers with just $1/pallet fee if their technology isn’t able to optimize a shipper’s load based on cost, speed or efficiency.

The program centers on same-/next-day delivery within a 100-mile radius of 10 metro areas. As part of the program, WARP will provide a free, transparent analysis to any shipper, and if they can’t save them either time or money, based on a shipper’s priorities, they’ll move each pallet for just a one-dollar fee on top of carrier costs.

WARP has built a network of carriers and cross-docks with a heterogeneous fleet of 53-footers, box trucks and cargo vans so they can offer customers an end-to-end supply chain solution that shifts dynamically based on volume and price/speed preferences. Using its suite of technology solutions, partners and people, WARP optimizes freight both physically and digitally. The company helps customers connect their supply chain by consolidating purchase orders, routing freight together, running consolidated trucks and with their tech-backed WARP Station cross-docks. Its DirecTrack technology gives customers real-time access to where their freight is at all times without having to make any phone calls or send any emails.

Powerfleet’s new app enhances EV adoption support

Powerfleet Inc., an internet of things (IoT) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions provider, has unveiled its new sustainability data-powered application to support electric vehicles.

This latest addition to Powerfleet’s fleet intelligence platform Unity aims to minimize carbon footprint and material waste, enhance maintenance and fuel efficiency, help comply with government mandates, and reduce overall operational costs while accelerating revenue growth for customers.

The solution is powered by data science and insights from Unity. Powerfleet’s Unity platform is agnostic, working with any IoT/telematics device, vehicle or business system, creating an open ecosystem that can tie fleet operations into any business process and its proprietary or third-party systems for ESG goals and reporting. It consists of a dashboard with executive-level insights and real-time monitoring and alerts for fleet managers, along with a mobile app for drivers. As a result, Powerfleet’s decision-grade data empowers businesses to increase profits while improving their brand reputation and loyalty.

Insights like these can be pulled for a specific trip up to a full year:

• CO2 emissions: Discover overall tons of CO2 produced and saved by your fleet.

• Vehicle efficiency: Identify high- and low-emission vehicles in real time. Reduce CO2 by determining which vehicles need maintenance or even replacement with electric vehicles (EV).

• Eco scoring: Track emission-increasing behaviors, such as idling per each driver. Gain insights into miles lost from inefficient driving, along with the opportunity for positive or incentive-based training.

• Budgeting and planning: Use historical data on vehicle efficiency and eco-scoring to predict fuel and energy use.

• EV conversion: Detailed fleet summaries of both electric and gasoline powered vehicles serve as a guide for electrification. Narrow down to the make, model, year, amount used and beyond in correlation with tailgate emissions of each vehicle. Determine which are the cleanest, and which to switch out and when with EVs.

Three-way collab helps industry reduce fuel fraud

Logistics and transportation firm PURE Freight Lines LTD has partnered with Relay Payments and Amous TMS in a three-way collaboration to modernize operations and reduce diesel fuel fraud.

PURE utilizes Amous TMS to manage its routes, drivers, dispatchers and invoices. With Relay’s recent integration with Amous, PURE can now manage diesel fuel transactions with Relay’s digital payments platform. PURE’s drivers benefit by being able to conduct over-the-road expenses and reporting through their smartphone with only a few taps, saving them time and protecting them from fuel fraud at 1,500-plus travel centers that accept Relay. Relay recently expanded its footprint to Pilot Company’s nationwide network of travel centers.

For Amous, the partnership with PURE and Relay supports the company’s broader goals of providing end-to-end services for truck lines, brokerages and logistics companies. Amous has offered fraud mitigation through its technology in the past, but integrating Relay’s cardless capabilities enables greater security and controls than previous measures.


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