Xandar Kardian Named to TIME’s List of the Best Inventions of 2022


TIME’s Recognition Cements Xandar Kardian’s Status as an Industry Leader in Digital Radar Signal Processing, Empowering Automation in Digital Healthcare to Improve Quality of Care for Patients

TORONTO, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Xandar Kardian, a rapidly-growing Toronto-based company that develops contactless health monitoring solutions using UWB radar technology for presence detection and motion monitoring, today announced its XK300 Autonomous Health Monitoring Solution has been named to TIME’s annual list of Best Inventions for 2022. Xandar Kardian’s XK300 was recognized in the Medical Care category, further validating the company’s technology as a game-changing entrant to the healthcare industry with the potential to revolutionize the standards of patient care globally.

Xandar Kardian’s XK300 Autonomous Health Monitoring Solution is the world’s first commercially available, contact-free, continuous VSM (vital sign monitoring) system that is FDA 510(k) cleared as a class II medical device to measure respiration rate, heart rate, motion and presence. As a non-contact and completely autonomous health monitoring solution, the XK300 provides an opportunity for senior care providers to simplify their technology solutions and dramatically improve patient insights and compliance. By using proprietary radar technology to take ongoing measurements of resting heart rate and respiratory rate without any staff intervention, the XK300 supports long-term care facilities in the quest to provide better quality care, alleviating staff pressure, while reducing hospitalization with early deterioration detection. Reliable and accurate healthcare monitoring is a key component to healthy senior living, and the XK300 ensures top-notch care, support, and family benefits from the get-go.

“We are excited and greatly appreciative to see our XK300 selected by TIME as one of its Best Inventions of 2022, an achievement that serves as a testament to the incredible work of our entire team,” said Sam Yang, co-founder and managing director at Xandar Kardian. “The human body is a treasure trove of data, burning energy, creating sounds, and generating micro and macro movements each and every moment. Our goal has always been to transform patient monitoring and at-home care through leveraging incredibly accurate measurements to predict health outcomes for better proactivity by providers – and in turn, save lives. It’s validating for us to be recognized for these efforts and we’re energized for what the future holds.”

To compile the list, TIME solicited nominations from TIME’s editors and correspondents around the world, and through an online application process, paying special attention to growing fields – such as the electric vehicle industry, green energy, and the metaverse. TIME then evaluated each contender on a number of key factors, including originality, efficacy, ambition, and impact.

Of the new 2022 list, TIME’s editors write: “The result is a list of 200 groundbreaking inventions (and 50 special mention inventions)—including life-mapping artificial intelligence, diamonds made from excess carbon in the air, and the most powerful telescope ever—that are changing how we live, work, play, and think about what’s possible.”

Xandar Kardian’s radar technology is also tremendously beneficial in smart building implementation, providing commercial and healthcare facilities with reliable real-time occupancy measurements allowing more effective energy optimization versus antiquated PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor systems. Inclusion on TIME’s Best Inventions list for 2022 marks another major achievement in Xandar Kardian’s ongoing growth and the level of recognition the company has received for its technology. In 2021, Xandar Kardian  was honored as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, shortly after receiving FDA 510(k) Clearance for its XK300 in April 2021. As a company, Xandar Kardian has forged partnerships with multinational corporations worldwide. These partnerships and allocations highlight the immense impact that Xandar Kardian is making in both healthcare and technology, representing key milestones in bringing its revolutionary technology into the mainstream.

To learn more information on Xandar Kardian and the XK300 Autonomous Health Monitoring Solution, visit the Xandar Kardian website at www.xkcorp.com.

See the full TIME Best Inventions 2022 list here: https://time.com/best-inventions-2022

About Xandar Kardian

Xandar Kardian is a US Delaware C-Corp with international operations spanning South Korea, Canada, and Singapore, focused on deploying reliable and high accuracy security and healthcare solutions worldwide. Xandar Kardian elevates motion sensor technology to the next level, incorporating radar sensors that monitor vital signs via resting heart rate (RHR) and respiratory rate (RR), providing essential insights into occupant motion, location, and vital sign reading. Founded in 2017, the team behind Xandar Kardian is focused on digital radar signal processing from start-to-finish, having received FDA 510(k) Clearance for its XK300 in April 2021. For more information, visit www.xkcorp.com.

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